You Can Heal Your Life

Life Balance with Peace and Harmony

Heal Your Life classes are offered as a two-hour, two-day, or eight-week class of two hours for each session.  Each session will enable seekers to identify a current mindset that has limited success in the past. Then develop an affirmation mindset that guarantees success in all of life’s greatness. This includes relationships, personalities, business, career, finances, health, security, spirituality, and much more.

Each seeker will achieve:

  • Developing the mindset that is needed to reach identified goals.
  • Identify a realistic, specific, timed path to a desired, stated future.
  • Identify a trusted journey partner to ensure success with goals.
  • Develop a mindset to overcome fears and doubts.
  • Learn to love yourself and others unconditionally.
  • Learn to make self-affirmation of one’s uniqueness a habit.
  • Learn to divorce oneself from the good opinion of others.
  • Identify personal affirmations as a foundation for ongoing personal growth.
  • Learn to forgive those who have caused harm or sadness.
  • Learn to step over shame and blame to create life balance with peace and harmony with one’s sphere of influence.

You Can Heal Your Life Workshops ~ Coming Soon