Sacred Spaces Pastoral Counseling

Spiritual Beliefs & Ethical Energy

Pastoral Counseling is the art of a professional, spiritually inspired, and specifically educated individual to guide a group or an individual for encouragement and life guidance along their chosen spiritual path using their individual faith beliefs, if any, psychology, and theological resources as tools toward life goals.

The participant(s) will:

  • Identify their “why” as to desiring pastoral guidance.
  • Identify any spiritual beliefs and ethical energy that provides them with strength and sustenance for their life journey.
  • Learn to make a covenant with self to care and attend to self needs to be better prepared for being of service in attending to the needs of others.
  • Learn techniques to allay anxiety and fear.
  • Be the role model to influence others to follow and trust in feeling safe.
  • Treat all shared confidences with ethical confidence and respect.
  • Obey all civil laws as a mandatory reporter while companioning.
  • Learn to be a source of encouragement and influence in a community of seekers.
  • Identify specific life and spiritual talents, goals, and gifts.
  • Develop the skill of listening rather than speaking.
  • Identify ways to nurture and sustain a faith practice that guides a physical existence.
  • Identify gifts of abundance as opposed to calculating losses.
  • Learn to change their thoughts to develop desired actions.
  • Create their own sacred space for grace.