Sacred Spaces Life Couching

Magnify Your Strengths

Life coaching is a Sacred Contact to actively come alongside another as an additional set of eyes. Confidently offering objective, caring feedback as one goes through the messy mystery of life. Life can be one of specific, fulfilling goals that offer hope, peace, love, compassion, and respect.

The seeker will:

  • Identify their strengths, challenges, talents, treasures, and growing edges.
  • Learn to express their assessment and emotions of life experiences as positive teaching moments.
  • Identify positive action steps for specific, creative goals with vision.
  • Learn to accept seeming failures as positive teaching experiences.
  • Identify successes and self-worth as well as net worth.
  • Develop strategic timing with conscious choices to face and overcome fears.
  • Develop a specific method to identify and step into one’s intentions.
  • Celebrate successes at specific milestones.