Corporate Training & Leadership

Integrity & Accountability

Reverend Pat’s education and life experiences in leadership, psychology, pastoral care, hospice chaplaincy, life coaching, spiritual direction, archetypical teacher, and grief counselor have well prepared her to offer this transformational learning to businesses of any size. This training increases awareness of behaviors, intentions, and attitudes that define a peaceful and joyful work environment and work culture as a way of life.

The client and employees will learn:

  • The value of assessments of their corporate culture in their specialty as to why and how they do what they do.
  • The integrity of accountability and ownership of successes, challenges, and failures.
  • The importance of partnerships to facilitate supportive, cohesive environments.
  • Developing behaviors that are strong, clear, kind, and supportive.
  • Uncover and discard behaviors that no longer serve the environment they are creating.
  • Develop new beliefs and actions that serve the work environment that is respectful, kind, compassionate generous, and loving.
  • Allow sacred space to succeed, question, and fail gracefully with a mindset based on the highest and best good for all based on compassionate reflection, accountability, and support.