Sacred Spaces Spiritual Direction

Guidance for a Life of Peace, Grace, and Hope

Spiritual Direction is a service offered by an individual with a formal, credentialed education to come alongside the seeker who desires a life of spiritual authenticity, clarity, and truth in a Divine entity that guides and leads one in a life of peace, grace, and hope.

Identification with a specific spiritual community is not a requirement for this service.

The seeker will be able to:

  • Identify any spiritual beliefs or community that guides behaviors.
  • Demonstrates and discerns the path necessary to follow any faith beliefs with integrity and respect.
  • Develop a trust in their chosen and divinely guided spiritual path.
  • Develops behaviors that demonstrate their chosen spiritual practices into daily life.
  • Learns to be kind and loving of self to be able to demonstrate the same to others.
  • Make difficult life choices with prayer, wisdom, experience, and intuition.
  • Shares freely with a trusted spiritual companion their hopes for living a life of grace in both success and loss.
  • Develops a sensitive awareness for social justice for all persons, especially the poor.
  • Commits to spiritual supervision for the lifetime.