Sacred Spaces Grief Counseling

Hope for the Heartbroken

Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling is offered individually or in a group setting that assists the grievant to develop a plan of action for safety and well-being from a loss of any source.

This is not a drop-in or support group.

Due to the intense nature of grief, class size is limited to 12.

Each Participant Will Learn:

  • Strategies to deal with loss and sorrow positively
  • Strategies to maintain a physical and emotionally healthy lifestyle
  • Decisions that must be made the first year after a loss
  • Decisions that should never be made the first year after a loss
  • Myths of loss that never make any sense, even to the dead
  • How to honor the memory of loss without crippling the present and the future.
  • How to become better, not bitter
  • The healing power of journaling
  • How to draw a blueprint for a future of a meaningful life

All participants will receive a complementary journal.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the closing ceremony.

All participants can receive a discount for 1/1 counseling when requested.

Grief Recovery – 3 Day Class (Coming Soon)

Session 1:

  • Introductions
  • Logistics
  • Guidelines
  • Grief definition
  • What may recovery look like for you
  • Ideas for completion
  • Opening ceremony

Session 2:

  • Meditation
  • Identify the myths of grief generally and personally.
  • Identify personal tools used to deal with grief.
  • Identify tools used in this class to deal with unresolved
  • Lunch
  • Identify “other people’s” opinions on how you should feel and deal with your grief.
  • Identify your responsibility for yourself and your feelings as to how you deal with your grief.
  • Identify and discuss Short Term Energy Relieving Behaviors. (STERB)
  • Homework: Loss History Graph

Session 3:

  • Opening Meditation
  • Review of the previous session. Thoughts and feelings.
  • Presentation of each participant’s Loss History Graph.
  • Dyad discussion of each persons’ graph from a healthy and unhealthy perspective.
  • Lunch
  • Using the elements of apology, forgiveness, and love, each participant will offer actions for recovery and healing as a group exercise.
  • Statement writing exercise of individual feelings and coping for the future as a completion letter.
  • Dyad discussion of individual completion letters.
  • Closing ceremony with journals and diplomas.

Grief Recovery Events (Coming Soon)