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“When confronted in life with situations over which you have no control, change your thoughts.”


~Victor Frankel

Sacred Spaces…


…Are Yours…The Places in Your Life Where You Create Your  Own Space for Grace


Helping You to Engage Fully in Life, With Love


Mission Statement

The mission of Sacred Spaces is for Chaplain Pat to come alongside individuals as a Grief and Loss Coaching Specialist in the sacred space of darkness and despair of grief suffered from any source and to guide those individuals through their pain to a sacred path of light and the life of their new normal.

Benefits of Grief Recovery Support Services, Spiritual Care, Pastoral Care and Life Coaching:

*Relearning the joy of life after prolonged grieving and sadness
*Discovering new tools to move beyond the pain of loss to embrace a new normal
*Dispelling the myths that “time heals all wounds, you’ll get over it soon, you should keep busy, everybody loses someone (something) they love sooner or later, and you need to be strong now for….”
*Learn definite action steps for completion of grieving losses.

*Rediscovering the presence of a sacred presence in your life *Having a more balanced and fulfilled life *Knowing that Chaplain Pat will be your companion in the darkness of your sacred path.

What We Do

Sacred Spaces combines life coaching, workshops, and counseling offered in multifaceted settings. It encourages you to grow to the level you desire and to create your own space with grace.

The sole (SOUL) purpose at SACRED SPACES is to empower others with the tools to live the life they choose with health, prosperity, happiness, peace and heart consciousness.  Everyone’s heart is so full of love, not even realized, and any situation that could possibility come up in one’s life can be healed at any time once a life of abundance is chosen.

All teaching in all modalities is based on the philosophies of Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Neale Donald Walsh, Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle.

Each participant will leave each session fully able to embrace the concept of the affirmation that

. . . for by loving oneself fully, love may be extended to any person or circumstance under any condition.


Certified Practitioner


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Grief Care

Pastoral Care is offered in both individual and small group sessions that are both based on the five stages of grief defined by Elizabeth Kubler Ross.  Additionally, the areas of inner as well as outer grieving will be explored from the loss of a loved one,  to the loss of a job, home, children, or friends.

Loss as it exists to the one perceiving it is a loss, regardless of the cause or source.

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Pastoral Services

The practice of pastoral care assists those who want to become more fully functional as a human being in this process we call life.  The art of pastoral care helps the seeker integrate a spiritual and religious dimension to the real and perceived anxieties of life that prevent anyone from living a happy life of joy, fulfillment and love of self and others.
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Spiritual Direction

The practice of being a spiritual companion is patterned upon the teachings of Saint Ignatius Loyola in the Jesuit tradition that allows the client to be “discerning to the Holy Spirit”, drawing the client to a greater love of God and neighbor rooted in faith and hope.  Spiritual Direction is nondenominational and all faith traditions are welcomed and fully supported in their tradition of choice with love and prayer.
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Life Coaching

The Life Coach is that person who walks along side another to assist that person in answering the age old questions of: Who am I?  Why am I here at this time? What is my purpose?  What is my belief system? What am I going to do with and about all this?

Meet Chaplain Pat…YOUR Guide to Peace in All Areas of Life

Chaplain Pat has spent her entire professional life in a coaching, teaching, and pastoral care role that is filled with compassion and love for life and the learner.

Having retired from a professional career as a Registered Nurse, mostly in the field of Hospice and end of life care, Chaplain Pat has developed the art of caring and giving that is modeled to the learner.

She recognizes that freeing the love and kindness in each soul to live a life of compassion, truth, humility, and gratitude in the now is the path to happiness.  To that end, she has devoted her life to learning, lessons learned and having experiences that have given her a unique perspective to assist seekers to make positive changes in all aspects of their life.

Academic Achievements

Chaplain Pat’s academic credentials are a Bachelor of Art’s from Marylhurst University of Oregon in Communication,  a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Villa Julie College (now Stevenson University) , and a Master’s of Arts in Pastoral Care/Spiritual Direction from Loyola University Baltimore.

She is a Board Eligible Chaplain, having completed her training in Clinical Pastoral Education at the Veterans Administration in Portland. Chaplain Pat is entering the Doctoral Program at George Fox Seminary in 2018 as a Doctoral Candidate for Pastoral Care in Leadership.

She has studied for 5 years as a student with Carolyn Myss, earning Certification from CMED Institute in Chicago in Archtypical Counseling and Mysticism.  Chaplain Pat is also a Certified Life Coach and Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher from Louise Hay at Hay House.

Having studied the works of Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle extensively, Chaplain Pat incorporates the concepts of living in the now with love, forgiveness and gratitude in all teachings.  She is currently a student and is personally coached with Neale Donald Walsch.


Recommended Resources

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”Pat has been my coach for three years.  Her insight, sensitivity, patience, sense of humor, and compassion has helped me thru life’s difficulties of my Dad’s death, family issues, work related and career issues, and my own personal development.  I will always be grateful for her guidance and her classes at the right time to help me cope with life’s issues.”

Baltimore, Maryland

”Pat, you are a wonderful coach who listened with love to my words and to my feelings without judgment, allowing me to conclude for myself an excellent resolution to help me work on the issues we discussed.  God Bless You!”

Valencia, Venezuela

”Pat, your heart is open to hearing, accepting and following the call of The Great Spirit. Like a caterpillar that exchanges what is familiar to become a butterfly, you are always willing to allow all of us to let go of what is known in order to experience the new.  As we stay true to that, transformation follows.  Love and light to your path always.”
LH and SBK

Highland, Maryland

”Pat, thanks so much for sharing the book with me at a time when I needed it…pretty uncanny as a matter of fact, because I have been listening to that author on the radio each morning on the way to work and intended to buy the book.  Without your knowing any of that, you sent it to me!  Thank you for your kindness the last few months. You’re such a comforting, kind soul and I’m going to miss seeing you each week.”

Olney, Maryland

As always, your referrals are received with gratitude.


Mailing Address:
PO Box 5592
Vancouver WA 98668

(443) 804-2036


Fees for Individual Care

15-Minute Intake Call for Consultation/Information: No Fee
2-Hour Intake Appointment: $250
1-Hour Ongoing Care: $125

Minimum of 4-hour commitment for individual care. (Payment in advance for this care is available for 4 sessions for $400. There are no refunds or scholarships available for personalized, individual care.)

Consultation Options

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